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Jennifer Parris Ruth Soukup copy

Behind the Scenes with Ruth Soukup

For the most part, scheduling celebrity cover shoots is fairly straightforward. A public relations person, manager, or assistant will reach out to Celebrity Parents Magazine with a pitch regarding their client, and then it’s just a matter of scheduling the…

Sukey Molloy Jennifer Parris 1

Behind the Scenes with Sukey Molloy

  Some people are a perfect match for their professions, and that can very much be said of Sukey Molloy. The children’s singer and performer has such a gentle way about her that you can’t imagine her doing anything else—and…

Ariane Duarte Jennifer Parris

Behind the Scenes with Ariane Duarte

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, the same applies to Editors-in-Chief, too. When we were finalizing the details for the Ariane Duarte cover shoot, I must admit that I wasn’t too heartbroken when…

Heather Langenkamp Jennifer Parris

Behind the Scenes with Heather Langenkamp

Back in the day, I was a big fan of horror films. In fact, on our very first date, my hubby and I saw a Friday the 13th film. As much as I loved Jason, I loved Freddy Krueger even…

Rob Base Jennifer Parris

Behind the Scenes with Rob Base

It’s 1988 in Queens, NY. The song “It Takes Two” hits the airwaves, and becomes the song of the summer—and an instant classic. Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock created a song that became the ultimate party-starter, and continues to…

Jennifer Parris Paul Binder

Behind the Scenes with: Paul Binder

Paul Binder is one master storyteller. And the title is well-earned, considering the life he’s led. From working with greats such as Merv Griffin to Julia Child, to juggling on the streets of Europe, and then founding the hugely popular…

The Wiggles & Jennifer Parris copy

Behind the Scenes with The Wiggles

There is perhaps no other kids music group that I identify with more than The Wiggles. For me, The Wiggles ARE my children’s childhood. I have danced (and yes, wiggled) to their music during those tender early years, when language…

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps Jennifer Parris

Behind the Scenes with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Real Housewives junkie. I love (almost) every city, and in particular, New York City, because, well, that’s my hood. I’ve interviewed and photographed quite a few Real Housewives, but I was…

Debi Derryberry Jennifer Parris

Behind the Scenes with Debi Derryberry

To say that I had fun on the Debi Derryberry cover shoot would be an understatement. Debi, who is a noted voice artist and is perhaps best known for being the voice of Jimmy Neutron, is funny as all hell….

Toni Ann Gisondi Jennifer Parris

Behind the Scenes with Toni Ann Gisondi

I love everything about the movie Annie. The singing, the dancing, the storyline. I loved all of the orphans, and, truth be told, I often imagined I was one of them. I would sing and dance in front of the…