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Behind the Scenes with Steve Wilkos

Celebrity Parents recently visited the set of The Steve Wilkos Show for this issue’s cover story. Steve Wilkos is a super nice guy.  A very tall, nice guy, as can be witnessed by how I barely reached his shoulder. 😉…

Steve Wilkos

Celebrity Interview: Steve and Rachelle Wilkos

As the host of The Steve Wilkos Show, Steve Wilkos has seen it all. A former Chicago cop, Steve worked security for The Jerry Springer Show, where he gained a cult-like following…and scored massive ratings. Beneath the tough guy (and…

Steve_Wilkos Cover

Celebrity Parents Magazine: Steve Wilkos Issue

Steven John “Steve” Wilkos  is an American television personality and former U.S. Marine and police officer. He has been hosting The Steve Wilkos Show since 2007, and was director of security on The Jerry Springer Show from 1994 to 2007….