Tagg – The Pet Tracker for Pet Fitness

Tagg - The Pet Tracker for Pet Fitness

With Tagg the Pet Tracker, it’s easier than ever to make sure Fido is living the active lifestyle he or she needs to stay fit.

Tagg conveniently clips onto most existing collars and monitors a dog’s activity level every day, assigning a “Tagg Point” value based on the intensity and duration of activity. Tagg Points are accumulated and charted each day, providing pet owners with an at-a-glance snapshot of their dog’s exercise and activity, much like people use an exercise or diet journal to track their own progress. With Activity Tracking, pet parents can set goals for their dog’s daily Tagg Points and decide if Fido needs that extra walk at the end of the day or if a little extra nap time has been earned!

Using Tagg’s GPS tracking system, owners can also make sure a pet is keeping his or her exercise routine within the safety of the home or yard. Tagg will send text or email alerts if the pet moves outside of areas designated as safe, allowing owners to locate and track their pet online, receive directions to its location, and find it quickly ($100, pettracker.com).

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