3 Thanksgiving Gratitude Games to Play


Thanksgiving is all about having an attitude of gratitude. So while your family is gathered around the table for a fabulously delicious feast, play these three fun Thanksgiving gratitude games. It’s sure to make Thanksgiving—or any meal—heartwarming and happy.

To Tell the Truth

While you’re passing the potatoes, have each guest say three things that happened to them during the year—two real and one fake. Then everyone has to vote on which one was false and why.

Say Something Nice

Ask your loved ones to say something nice about the person sitting on each side of them. This can help reacquaint long-time-no-see relatives with each other while also helping kids learn how to give compliments to others.

Give Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, go around the table and have guests share three things they’re grateful for. Encourage others to applaud and make the most noise for the most original answers. This is a great game for getting the kids to think, share, and express gratitude, too.

Photo credit: Pro Church Media/Unsplash

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