Toy Time: Chatman

Toy Time: Chatman

Ever wish you could spy on your child while she’s online? Chatman, an awesome new device geared toward kids (ages 6-12) does just that, but in a much cooler way than you ever could. This bright yellow, interactive emoticon-like character is a child’s talking, feeling, moving computer friend for everything they do online. When your kid plugs him into her computer via a USB port, he comes alive, and his funny, cool personality adds a whole new dimension of fun, interactivity and emotion to the online experience.Chatman ( provides fun, social skills, homework help, and safety.

In addition to bearing a darling resemblance to Pacman, Chatman serves a protector for your child, alerting you if online chatting or surfing becomes inappropriate or dangerous. Chatman proactively chats with kids, helps with homework, sends reminders about events, features games and apps, and participates in chats online while keeping them safe.

You can sign up to Like Chatman at for news of special promotions, new product introductions and more.


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