Train Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stilwell

Train Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stilwell

As the host of Animal Planet’s hit television series It’s Me
or the Dog
, Victoria Stilwell employs Supernanny-like methods and gentle loving
techniques to help people with their pets.

Now, Victoria has penned a new book that is sure to delight
her fans. In Train Your Dog Positively, she explains how to use force-free,
scientifically backed dog training methods to solve common canine behavior
problems. For decades, animal training experts have incorrectly assumed that
dogs misbehave to achieve dominance. But just as time-outs have proven more
effective than spanking as a way to help children understand and achieve
desired behaviors, so has training dogs with positive reinforcement become a
recognized—and thankfully, more utilized—best practice.

Victoria provides owners with everything they need to form a
positive and rewarding connection with their dog—from understanding the
human/canine relationship (the way dogs develop, how they learn, and how best
to forge a bond) to numerous behavioral training solutions. With Train Your Dog
, owners have more than a handbook that teaches a dog to sit, stay
and come—they have a set of guiding principles that enriches their relationship
with their canine companion, building trust and a lasting foundation for a
happy, confident and well-behaved dog ($14.99,



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