We Try It: #MyOreoCreation Kettlecorn, Cherry Cola, & Pina Colada

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Let’s face it: Oreos are pretty awesome on their own. But when the #MyOreoCreation contest rolls around with fun new flavors, it’s hard to resist temptation and try them. We taste-tested the three new flavors: Kettle Corn, Cherry Cola, and Pina Colada. Here are our picks, based on smell and flavor.

my oreo creation kettlecorn

#MyOreoCreation Kettle Corn

Smell: The Kettlecorn Oreo had us as soon as we opened the package. It smells like a sweet caramel scent. Yum-o.

Taste: Of all the flavors, this one was the fan favorite. It tastes like a caramel cookie, which appealed to pretty much all of the kids.

my oreo creation cherry cola

#MyOreoCreation Cherry Cola

Smell: Divine. If you’re a soda fan (as I am), you’ll heart this cookie with a passion. It smells like the sweetest cherry soda you’ve ever had.

Taste: Now, in my giddiness to taste test the Cherry Cola, I didn’t really read the packaging well. The taste lives up to its name—it tastes just like cherry soda.

And then my mouth started popping.

You see, the Cherry Cola Oreo is brilliant in that it replicates the delicious fizziness of soda by adding (wait for it) popping candy to the red part of the filling. Since I didn’t know that it was coming, it was a fantastic surprise. The popping takes a few seconds to dissipate, but in addition to the spot-on taste of the cookie, the “bubbles” were a perfect finish.

my oreo creation pina colada

#MyOreoCreation Pina Colada

Smell: The scent of the Pina Colada Oreo thin cookie will transport you to a beach in Bora Bora. It’s that good.

Taste: Di-vine. This cookie will be a bigger hit with adults (who have tasted the real thing and can appreciate its nuances) rather than kids. Plus, if your kids aren’t all that into coconut or pineapple, then they might pass on this cookie. Which means (score!), more for the parents!

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